COVID19: Response

COVID19: Response


I'm sure you are probably tired of hearing that we are in unprecedented times, yet here is another communication brought to you compliments of the times we are in.  In an effort to keep individuals safe - including our team and our guests. 
We want to share with you our response to COVID19.

As we both own and manage our vacation homes, we take great pride in ensuring that our Housekeeping team maintains the highest cleanliness and hygiene standards.

We are using Lysol and alcohol solutions that contain at least 70% alcohol for disinfecting surfaces. The household disinfectants we use are registered with the EPA. We also certify we are not using expired products and do not mix bleach with any other cleaners.

Our Housekeeping team is taking extra care with touchable surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, and remote controls.

Lastly, our Housekeeping teams are receiving ongoing briefings for us to keep enhancing our cleaning protocols.

As the owners and managers of our own properties, we strive to provide the best and healthiest vacation experience for our guests. If you have any questions, then please feel free to reach out to us.

Due to COVID19 and the additional disinfection protocols and procedures, we will not be able to offer late check-outs later than the standard times

Our housekeeping team will not enter the house to do the house clean etc., till all clear and applied disinfection sprays have had time to disperse to protect the team. We very much appreciate your understanding.